4 Things I'll Miss When I Leave Echo Park

Someone once told me “all good things must come to an end” which at the time I thought was actually incredibly rude considering it was the end of a date and it was delivered with a particularly sarcastic tone. But in this case, the universe has brought my time in Echo Park to an end by way of a necessity to be closer to my office. In preparation for that move - and to properly mourn the conscious uncoupling from this neighborhood I have grown to love - I made a list of four things I will miss dearly. Try not to weep, as I have while composing this. 

photo by Coralie Phanord

photo by Coralie Phanord

1. The Avocado Toast at Dinette

I’ve lived in Echo Park for a year and I still can’t figure out how Dinette stays in business. It seems like they are never open! Perhaps they’re able to keep their costs low by not having any waitstaff or really a restaurant at all. In fact, once you order through the two-way intercom in the middle of a large glass pane with “DINETTE” stenciled on it, you pretty much just eat your food at tables setup on the sidewalk. And if you can get passed the idea that by partaking in the establishment you are actively gentrifying the neighborhood (made clear by the looks you get from the passing immigrant families who never seem to eat AT the restaurant but are always sitting on a bench nearby or catching the bus that stops right on that corner) then it’s the best Avocado Toast you’ll ever have and easily my favorite in Los Angeles. 


2. The Matcha at Eightfold Coffee

The first thing I did when I moved in was google the surrounding coffeeshops in the area. I found two within a block of our apartment and in my desperation for caffeine I committed to the closer one and have gone there pretty much ever since. But a couple of months ago I saw an Instagram post at Eightfold Coffee and I was so disappointed in myself for not finding it sooner! It’s not quite as convenient as the one on my corner but it’s white marble, exposed white brick, and soaring ceilings with floor to ceiling windows make it light, bright and incredibly conducive to creating Instagram photos and my friends travel all the way from the westside just to drop that square on their feeds. Monday morning matcha at Eightfold has become a bit of a tradition in the past few weeks and I’m so sad to give it up. But anyone who knows me knows nothing comes between me and my caffeine so I’m sure I will be making my way back to Eightfold pretty regularly. 

3. Brunch at Ostrich Farm

I have an image in my head of what I look like at Ostrich Farm. I’m sitting at the long marble bar, on one of the mint leather green stools with gold metal legs, reading the day’s Wall Street Journal, and buttering my whole grain toast and drinking my Green Tea. It’s a Tuesday morning and I’m getting an ambitious start to my day at 10AM before heading to my office on the westside. This image exists exclusively in my head. It’s the dream I conjured once I heard they were launching an everyday brunch. In reality after sitting outside on the bench waiting for a table at peak Sunday brunch hour in the dry, relentless Eastside heat, I’m a sweaty, flustered mess. Nevertheless, the dreamy interior always calms me and gives me enough hope that the Tuesday morning, newspaper reading, aspirational self I have conjured is still achievable somewhere just beyond the horizon. 

4. The Tree Lined Hills

The first two years of my life in LA was spent living in a white box with white carpet and popcorn ceilings and windows that looked out on the white walls of our neighboring buildings on both sides. The only thing more magical than the four previous things I love about Echo Park are the rolling hills that flank Sunset through Silver Lake and Los Feliz and can be seen from any of the hill top streets of my little slice of heaven on the Eastside of Los Angeles.