Matcha and Meditation: Practicing Self Care

Matcha Latte (sans sugar) provided by  Akasha

Matcha Latte (sans sugar) provided by Akasha

When I sat down with my therapist in our last session of 2016 with a burst of energy and excitement for what the Universe had to offer in the new year I was ecstatic and full of hope - she was cautiously optimistic. She warned me against an “all or nothing” mentality and believing, even if only subconsciously, that the change of the year alone would create a much needed paradigm shift. 

I woke up hungover and dizzy on January 1st, 2017 - #newyearsameme - and now, one month into a year that has proven to already be giving the shit show that was 2016 a run for it’s money, I no longer feel the aforementioned hope that I felt, I just feel tired. Physically - because no matter how much people tell you exercise gives you energy that has proven patently untrue - and emotionally because all of my feeds are populated with the hate speech of our new President and his supporters and the loud cries of resistance from the people I love. 

Thankfully, the only resolution I made and one which I have kept has provided a much needed buffer against the insanity. My only resolution for 2017 was to make time to practice self care. That has manifested itself in a number of cliché LA ways like cutting out gluten and sugar and reactivating my equinox membership but in doing so, I have created external forces to keep me accountable for loving myself. In a climate that is exceedingly negative and toxic, this has been my saving grace. 

New Year's Resolutions are what you make of them, but whether you've held strong to yours or discarded them in the bottom of your overflowing laundry hamper (doing laundry regularly was one of my resolutions last year, I didn't even waste my time putting it on the list this year) self care will make you a fuller more whole person and it will protect you from the inescapable and deafening noise of the crazies. 

With love 💖