Matcha & Meditation: Contentment

The only thing I change more regularly than my wardrobe is my daily mantra. I'm constantly seeking a cure for my crippling existential dread. Though I have yet to fill that ever-widening chasm, I do find myself repeating mantras and thoughts that I find all around me. Whether it's in a podcast that I'm listening to, a book that I'm reading, or a casual off-handed comment by a friend while catching up over coffee - these mantras have gotten me through even the bluest melancholia. 

I currently find myself returning to this Tony Hale quote that I latched onto while listening to his interview with Terry Gross on NPR's Fresh Air. In the greater context of finding fulfillment in one's career and reconciling having great ambitions that at times feel so far away from one's current daily experience he says, "if you're not practicing contentment where you are, you're not gonna be content when you get what you want." 

I repeat this in my head three to four times a day and sometimes I say it to other people just so I can hear it out loud and be reminded of it. My therapist always tells me I'm too hard on myself, and I usually correct her by saying "no, I'm just ambitious." This quote, however, reminds me to understand the difference between discontentment and ambition and encourages me to find ways to feel full in the present rather than pining for a future, more realized, and self actualized version of me.

If it helps you, feel free to use it. If it doesn't, perhaps you'll find enlightenment in this photo of a very delicious matcha milk tea. 


Matcha Boba Milk Tea lovingly provided by  Alfred Tea    Room   

Matcha Boba Milk Tea lovingly provided by Alfred Tea Room 

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