Gold Hydration Courtesy of Peter Thomas Roth

I will be the first to admit that I am no grooming guru. If sage wisdom with regards to your daily skin regiment is what you're looking for, consult my friend  Steve's column on GQ.comIf you want to know my tips and tricks, follow along as I build my rituals through a lot of trial and even more error. As an actor, having clean, fresh skin is incredibly important - they tell me so is having washboard abs but if my skinny fat physique isn’t good enough to cast me as “gay ethnic lacrosse player” then I guess I just wasn’t meant to play an adolescent werewolf.

I'm all for glamour and luxury but when it comes to skincare I actually prefer functionality. Fortunately, these hydragels provide both. I slap them on before an audition and they attack my persistent under-eye bags while I’m running around my apartment trying to remember where I put my blue button-down Oxford from J. Crew that makes me look like a convincing AT&T employee.

They also provide a nice Sunday morning boost after a long, regret filled Saturday night and make your pre-brunch ritual of rolling out of bed and hobbling to the nearest location with a breakfast pizza that doesn’t require a reservation feel a little more special. Paired with the recommended daily water intake (which I always reference but never achieve) these 24k gold bad boys will have your skin looking freshly high school-aged in no time. As long as your high school is a TV high school in Southern California.