There is Hope for Mother Russia

By now everyone knows about the drama with the Russian President Vladimir Putin signing new legislation banning "homosexual propagandizing" towards minors. The climate in Russia, though always harsh, is particularly dangerous for LGBT citizens and tourists but throughout all of the hardship there is a ray of light, a glimmer of hope that even Russia will eventually come around to human rights. 

The Russian Army, which has a strict policy in regards to homosexuality that is akin to "Don't Ask Don't Tell," performed a distinctly Russian rendition of Adele's "Skyfall" on a morning show led by a slender young man with a boyish tenor voice that soars above the bellowing basses which seem to say "don't mess with the Russian army, ya heard?" in a similar way to when it became clear that President Medvedev's name effectively meant "The Bear" I don't know about you but I generally try to avoid bears of all kinds.

Ponder these thoughts while you watch this video and think on Russia's bright future. After all, if a country can have a bear as a leader and an institutionalized love for Adele, civil rights can only be around the corner.