Holiday Gift Guides

What do you give the person who has everything? What do you give your sister who seems to find a way to turn even the nicest, most altruistic gestures into a fight? What do you give your mother who has never met a glass of wine she doesn't like and considers being hyper critical an expression of her unconditional love? All of these tricky questions AND MORE answered below in my 2016 Holiday Gift Guides! 


What you won’t find here: an $8600 yurt, or any other single item that’s worth a significant fraction of your annual income - for luxury or aspiration I encourage you to visit the ‘Ridiculous but Awesome’ section of this year’s Goop Gift Guides. You also won’t find the answers to the holiday’s deeper questions like, “does my father spend the entire year thinking up new ways to get into an argument with me?” or whether or not its appropriate to blackout at the dinner table considering you probably won’t survive the evening if you can remember it. 

What you will find: A series of suggestions and jumping off points for the ones you love most. In a world filled with endless options, hopefully these ideas will help you winnow it down - or serve as a wishlist for your friends to buy for you. Either way, here’s to a somewhat bearable and minimally disappointing family gathering! Happy Christmas.