For Your Emotionally Withholding Father

When every conversation sounds more like a lecture and every compliment comes with a side of disappointment, where does one even begin to search for a gift? The plus side is he's going to be disappointed in you regardless so you might as well lean into it - and get him liquored up. 


For Your Straight Best Friend

or [to avoid being reductive] your gay friend, your sexually ambiguous gender non-conforming friend, your sister's lesbian "roommate" who your family doesn't talk about but we all know is more than her 'friend'. This gift guide will work for any and all of the above. 


For Your [Imaginary] Boyfriend

He may not exist yet but you should always dress for the job you want and buy for the man of your literal dreams. You're not delusional, you're just highly prepared. (These gifts would also work for those of you who do have boyfriends just know that behind this smile and this "bless your heart" is quite a bit of envy.)