In Search of the Perfect Weekender

8:30 PM

I’m running around the apartment frantically ripping clothes from their hangers and throwing them into a pile on my bed. My red-eye to the East Coast leaves at 11:30PM, my uber has been called and will arrive “in 3 minutes” and I have not packed. So I ask myself, “how did I find my way back here?”


8:33 PM

My uber is “arriving now” and I have made little progress. The phone rings and I pick up trying not to sound winded because I’m an adult and I have my shit together! I ask him to wait, he agrees - begrudgingly.


8:40 PM

I have stuffed my carry-on with whatever was closest on the bed. I pray that the colors create a palette that is at least marginally acceptable and I run to the street sweating from the many layers I’m wearing because my cable-knit sweaters won’t fit in my duffle which at this point is threatening to burst at the seams.


This is a story I’ve lived far too many times and no matter how many iPhone reminders I set or how many times I write “pack” on my to-do list, I will always leave it for the last minute. I have never been a light packer and I don’t identify as “organized” so my saving grace is a massive bottomless weekender. I am more than happy to build up my upper body strength by shoving it in the overhead bin or sacrifice some legroom to have options! 

I stole this bag from my friend Derrick and he won’t shut up about it. You can steal it from him too here.